How can I manage my career?
Key Learnings
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Setting a clear and precise objective helps you to concentrate your efforts and gets you heading in the right direction.
By making better use of your time, you can achieve your goals much more easily.
Making good choices is crucial for success as much of your earning potential is related to your reputation on and off-the-court.
When in public, always be very aware of your surroundings and remember that you are a public figure and representative of Basketball.
Only use the advice of others to inform your decision making process – don’t rely on it as the sole basis for your final decision. You are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make.
Networking is the art of building alliances and can help you get a job, find a sponsor, make new friends, get new ideas, etc.
Preparation is key to maximise your networking efforts.

How making choices affects your career

The decisions you make off-the-court are just as important as the decisions you make while playing Basketball. Not making good choices can be extremely costly for you, your sponsors and the sport in general. Even small, everyday decisions can potentially have a significant impact on your career.

Much of your earning potential is related to your reputation on and off-the-court. Teams want to hire players who are known to be hard working and reliable. Sponsors want to work with athletes who make good choices and stay out of trouble in public. And fans want to cheer for athletes who have a reputation for being good people in all aspects of their lives.

There are two keys to making good choices regarding public behaviour as an elite athlete:

  1. Be very aware of your surroundings. In today’s day and age, privacy is giving way to 24-7 media coverage and instant access to information. (Social) media keep us connected, they also present a real challenge to public figures trying to maintain some privacy off the field of play. You can’t control these social media phenomena, but you can control your actions by making good decisions.

    Always assume that someone else is watching and before you act, take five seconds to consider the potential consequences of your behaviour. It may sound silly, but a good rule of thumb is WWMMT – “what would my mom think?” If your mom wouldn’t approve, you can bet someone with a phone or camera might think it’s worth posting online.

  2. Remember that you are a public figure and representative of Basketball. When you chose to be an elite athlete, you also accepted that you may become a public figure. People will recognise you, look up to you and want to know more about you. It may seem unfair that you have to sacrifice some of your privacy, but that is simply part of the ‘job’.

    As a public figure, people are watching what you do and are often waiting for you to make a mistake. Any behaviours that tarnish your reputation could also tarnish your relationship with sponsors and employers. Always keep that in mind – if certain actions off-the-court could lead to career or financial losses, then think twice before you carry them out.

Making smart choices mainly involves common sense and respect for those who may be affected by the decisions you make.