What are the rules?
Key Learnings
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The full list of prohibited substances and methods is updated every year and it is the athletes’ responsibility to know what is allowed and what is banned.
The golden rule for all athletes is the principle of strict liability, which implies that athletes take full responsibility for what they ingest.
As an athlete you cannot refuse or disrupt a doping control test!
Sanctions for violating anti-doping regulations may range from a reprimand to a lifetime ban.
Involvement in illegal sports betting can result not only in acquiring debts or being subject to public humiliation, but also seriously damage your professional sports career.
By educating yourself about betting laws and regulations you can make sure to avoid situations that put you or your career at risk.
Learning how to limit and reduce stress in your life can help prevent it from leading to conflict.
Everybody reacts differently to conflict. Understanding and acknowledging someone’s approach to conflict is an important step to move forward and resolve the conflict before it gets out of hand.

The importance of conflict resolution skills

None of us likes conflict. Many of us do everything we can to avoid it. But conflict is a part of life. And at some point, you are likely to experience conflict both on and off the court.

However, conflict in one part of your life can affect your performance in other parts. Left unresolved, personal conflict can seriously affect your performance on the field. The good news is that using proper techniques to address and resolve conflict can be a real opportunity to build teamwork and trust.

The goal is to keep conflict to a minimum so you can focus on performing at your best level. Conflict resolution skills can be divided in two parts – preventing conflict and resolving conflict. Building effective skills in these areas can have a positive impact in all aspects of your life.